“A school where we learn to learn...”

Sanjeewan was the foundation of  my life. It was the school where the formative foundation of my thought processes happened. The foundation of Sanjeewan was taking a fresh mind and building it into something. This was the place where I learnt to self-learn and Sanjeewan will always occupy a favorite corner of my heart.”

- Anil Kulkarni (Batch 1956 - 1961)

Memories came alive for Mr. Mansukhlal Haria when he visited his school after nearly 50 years. He is based in Washington Salem, USA. The possessor of an amazing memory, he can even today recite shlokas taught by his teacher Mr. Deshpande. He reminisced about the time he had a sung a shloka- as a part of the school choir- for the inaugural ceremony of the main school building.

- Mr. Mansukhlal Haria (Batch - 1969)

Sanjeewan helped me in gaining discipline for my lifetime. I have become independent and I have been trained to stay tough and face any kind of situation.

- Shivani Nanavati

Why we are a School with ‘A difference’?

Right from Std. II to XII, all the students of the school are offered special learning in Vocational Courses which include subjects like – Metal Craft, Electronics, and repairs of House Hold gadgets and building up Science Centres as per the age of the child.