“A school where we learn to learn...”


This is the story of 'a school with a difference' - a learning school' - Sanjeewan Vidyalaya. - a co-educational English medium residential school.

In the pouring rains of Panchgani, on 3rd July 1922, two idealistic brothers - Shri. Raosaheb Pandit and Shri. Krishnarao Pandit cycled up the winding roads of Panchgani, situated on one of the spurs of the Sahyadri Ranges in Maharashtra, with very little money in their pockets - but armed with values and lots of zeal, they sowed the seed of a school - to protect, to enhance, and to project what is ‘life education’.

Named Hindu High School at its inception, Sanjeewan Vidyalaya was started by two committed teachers and their close associates in the era of the British Raj,  with a view to nurture and promote Indian culture and values, and to impart quality education to all. The school therefore, was accepted and supported by the then renowned families of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra like the Chinais, Mehtas from Saurashtra, Pakwasas, Leherchand Bhogilal (Zaveri), Kirloskars, Dahanukar,  Kalyani, and so on.

Sanjeewan Vidyalaya lives to learn and has learned to live. For over 95 years, the school has steadily grown in size, in educational scope and in reputation until it is now counted among the better-known Indian residential schools, not only in Maharashtra but all over India and abroad.


Sanjeewan Vidyalaya was registered as a trust in the year 1956. The Board of Trustees consisted of the following members:

Mr. M.V. Pandit, Mr. K.V. Pandit (teachers), Mr.J.G. Bodhe.(a renowned engineer and Sheriff of Bombay) , Mr. J.K. Munshi.(a well known lawyer) , Dr. N.A. Kalyani.( acknowledged entrepreneur, Chairman - Bharat Forge), and Mr. Babubhai Chinai (a renowned businessman)

Mr. Sharad Pandit (a visionary and a sportsman) was appointed as the first Principal of Sanjeewan Vidyalaya.

We, at Sanjeewan always...

  • Encourage and insist on ‘Excellence’ and commitment in whatever we do.
  • Help develop entrepreneurship, self-dependence and self-discipline.
  • Believe in being a ‘learning school’ rather than a ‘teaching school’.

Sanjeewan Timeline

  • 2015

    Enrolled for International School Award & Spoken English Graded Examination by Trinity College, London

  • 2011

    IGCSE Stream Launched

  • 2007

    The School allotted Integrating Learning Project by Govt. of Maharashtra.

  • 2004

    Girls' dormitory built

  • 2000

    Vocational Training Centre completed

  • 1998

    Foundation stone of VTC laid by Dr.Rawal - Director, Nehru Planetarium - Mumbai

  • 1995

    CBSE Stream Launched

  • 1994

    Rural Centre Built

  • 1992

    Rural Centre Development Programme

  • 1987

    Multipurpose Hall

  • 1983

    Science Laboratory Block built

  • 1978

    Duke of Edinburg Award Scheme

  • 1965

    Arjun House - Assistance from Govt. of India

  • 1962

    Govt. of India adopted the school for its Merit Scholars

  • 1961

    Main school building complex (Academic) built on Fula Lodge Campus

  • 1960

    Fulla Lodge purchased

  • 1956

    Sanjeewan Vidyalaya Trust Formed

  • 1955

    Shri. Sharad Pandit - Our First Principal

  • 1935

    Ratan Cottage Property Purchased

  • 1922

    Hindu High school Established in 1922