“A school where we learn to learn...”


The main school library is specially located so as to afford a quiet, peaceful reading atmosphere. It has a spacious reading hall with a voluminous stock of books for all age groups, and newspapers and magazines to create an awareness of current events. The library is available to the students 7 days a week. For research and study, computers integrated with library resources are available.

The Rural Center for Educational Studies and Development Programs is a specially created wing of the Sanjeewan Vidyalaya Trust to expose the learners (children and the staff) to the concept of social accountability and environmental awareness projects. This Resource Center is also an extension of the school library.

The following facilities are provided at the Resource Center:

  • An audio-visual room where students can listen to music, educational CDs and watch videos.
  • A journal section for reference.
  • Different types of Encyclopedias on all subjects.
  • A LAN of computers connected to the Internet.