“A school where we learn to learn...”


To build up and nurture a multilingual, multicultural pace setting 'learning centre', where each learner and learning facilitator does search and research, unlearns and learns, to create a 'niche' for himself/ herself in whatever he/ she/ undertakes, through excellence and hard work, concern and commitment.

To define word class learning and 'whole life' education for living together, learning together, growing together and to reach out globally through its performances.


To extend the concept of 'transforming the classroom', making it a 'self-propelled' quantifiable change in 'learning to learn', through group discussions and presentations, field trips, interactions with the rural and urban community - a process eventually leading to self management. 

We, at Sanjeewan always...

  • Encourage and insist on ‘Excellence’ and commitment in whatever we do.
  • Help develop entrepreneurship, self-dependence and self-discipline.
  • Believe in being a ‘learning school’ rather than a ‘teaching school’.